Mirantis platform enables Reliance Jio to scale cloud to "10K nodes and beyond"

Firms to unveil details at OpenStack Summit in Sydney



Navi Mumbai based mobile provider Reliance Jio is poised to scale its cloud to 10,000 nodes and beyond, utilising Mirantis' Cloud Platform (MCP).


Sunnyvale-headquartered managed open cloud specialist Mirantis will join Reliance Jio at the OpenStack Summit in Sydney, where the joint presentation will focus on how Reliance Jio uses MCP to drive innovation as part of its broader competitive strategy.

“Due to their hyper growth, Reliance has unique demands on its cloud operations and infrastructure,” said Mirantis CMO and co-founder Boris Renski. “By partnering with Mirantis to build and support their MCP environment, they’ve used our DriveTrain automation and lifecycle management capabilities to significantly accelerate their time to market for advanced capabilities in Big Data, network functions virtualization and platform-as-a-service."

Using MCP powered model-driven rollouts, Reliance is claiming an eleven-fold improvement in the time needed to deploy a 100-node cloud. "As the fastest-growing communications and technology company in the world, Reliance has seen a 9x year-over-year increase in data usage, and has automated cloud operations so that they can add storage nodes or a rack in 3 hours," said Marantis.
Mirantis Field CTO Shaun O’Meara will be joined by Reliance Jio Cloud VP Pratap Singh and Cloud Engineering AVP Mayank Kapoor to present an overview of MCP and its use at Reliance Jio, detailing specifically how Mirantis' DriveTrain powers the cloud innovation engine at the mobile network operator and underpins its competitive advantage.